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Payback Is Hell
Funny Pranks, Gags, Practical Jokes,
Dirty Tricks and..... REVENGE!

Pay Back is Hell -- The getting- even book

Looking for clever pranks, gags, practical jokes, dirty tricks or just plain old-fashioned revenge?  you are at the right place! Pay Back is Hell literally gives you hundreds of the best new high-tech and old-school ideas--all logically categorized, outlined, explained, and illustrated with instructive, hilarious images.

It is a fact of life. Everyone at some point in his life has experienced the desire to get back at someone. When you have been wronged your sense of justice kicks in and you may feel the need to even the score.  You may feel the need to pull at least one funny prank to surprise, confuse, inconvenience, or just plain irritate the hell out of someone.  Now, there are those who think Bad Karma will eventually get them...

but Karma is a bitch, and she needs a little help sometimes!

 Want to get back at someone? The urge to "get even” is a perfectly normal human emotional response. You simply crave for a healthy dose of REVENGE. So why fight it?
Think about it, who would you prank today if you thought you could get away with it? (More on getting away with it later) You probably have a short list of people who really have it coming to them. How about some cheating-ex-girl-friend revenge? Or some sweet revenge on a rotten neighbor? What about the bullying at work?

They may even laugh about it too. Or not! Maybe everyone can laugh about the gag together or maybe just you and your friends. Whatever! Someone got a laugh and someone got a little (or a lot) of some much needed pay back. Like those neighbors from hell!

This book is NOT some lame-ass collection of stale old pranks

Ever since I was a sneaky little kid, people have come to me about how-to-get-revenge ideas that would work for them. I was more than happy to help. This is especially true if I knew if the target was a total dick and had it coming to him. I'm all grown up now, and I want to help YOU!

There are literally hundreds of excellent pranks that work great and are simple to pull-off. Most of these gags are free or super-cheap to do. Plenty of great how-to information and handy tips assure your pranks are a success. Also a ton of web page hot links and funny and instructive illustrations are included.
Just some of what you get in Pay Back Is Hell

Car Pranks, Email prank, Home Pranks, Kitchen Pranks
Bathroom Pranks, Electric Shock Gags
Rotten Neighbor Pranks, Prank Phone Call Pointers
Computer & Internet Pranks, Office / Work & School Pranks
Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Pranks
 Combating Rotten Neighbors and Their Pets

Pay Back Is Hell covers hundreds of awesome pranks, gags, and clever practical jokes in great detail. Some are timeless, old-school classics that will never die. Many are going to be new to you, or at least updated for the times we live in and the technology that now surrounds us.

I cover pretty much all the popular all the prank idea categories: easy pranks, mean pranks, revenge pranks, fun pranks, classic pranks, telephone pranks, internet pranks, etc.

Most all of the pranks outlined are tame enough to avoid serious criminal charges if caught. The focus of this book is to provide you with a long list of fairly harmless pranks for the average person. By that I mean you will want to pull many of these pranks and you will feel comfortable doing so. It is funny as hell to read and the clever gags will provide years of some very memorable fun.

Some methods of getting even are not a joke, they are just revenge
As far as pranks and gags go; it is easy to devise some very serious revenge ideas that go well beyond what most people might ever want to attempt. These are the sort of revenge tactics that are far beyond what anyone can ever call a “prank”. These types of tactics were very deliberately left out of Pay Back Is Hell. But I did not delete these nasty schemes all into the “Recycle Bin” and just forgot about them.

I recognize and understand that some people need more. I'm talking about truly getting even with parties who have severely wronged you. I mean taking the gloves off and seriously messing someone up for what they did to you or a loved one. Sometimes you can't just let things go and get over it. Some people need to be taught a lesson.

Want Revenge On Steroids?
These three special reports create an actual system for achieving the make-things-right results you want. Use as much or as little as you need to get the job done. Just knowing you can is reassuring!

Pay Back Is Hell Special Report # 1
Cut-Throat Revenge Tactics:
Do More than Just Even the Score

No cute pranks here, it's Pay Back Time. Have you been wronged and need to make things right? This Special Report is in response to the growing number of the people asking for more than revenge “gags”. This is for people, maybe like you, that have been seriously screwed over and are starving for some well-earned revenge.

Let's face it, if the system can not fix everything and punish all the bad guys. Some pretty bad people get away with a ton of bullshit everyday. Life is not fair. So, what are you going to do about it? Get this report!

The “ways to get revenge” methods outlined in this special report are designed to help you with:

  • Bad-Rotten-Noisy Neighbors From Hell
  • Stop-Bullying Revenge
  • Ex Girlfriend Revenge
  • Ex Boyfriend Revenge
  • Ex Husband Revenge
  • Ex Wife Revenge
  • Ex Boss Revenge
  • And More!


Cut-Throat Revenge Tactics

Absolute Anonymity: You must keep your true identity a closely guarded secret to avoid any potential reprisals or criminal or civil legal consequences. 

Intelligence Information: You must have access to all of the hard to get private, personal information about the target to carry out truly effective pay back tactics.

To achieve Absolute Anonymity, and get all the Intelligence Information you need to do the job right, I have compiled two very powerful Special Reports for you:

Pay Back Is Hell Special Report # 2
Stealth Identity Tactics:
Remain Anonymous Online and In the Real World

  • Anonymous telephone use and  Mobile texting
  • REAL Computer, Internet, & Email Security
  • Anonymous Electronic Payment Methods
  • Anonymous Shipping Addresses
  • Anonymous Vehicle Tactics
  • Fake ID's
  • Caller ID faking
  • And More!
Stealth Identity Tactics

Pay Back Is Hell Special Report # 3
Detective and Spy Tactics:
How to Know Everything about Anybody

  • Stealth Internet Private Investigator: Know Everything
  • Computer Spy Software: Know and control Everything
  • Cell Phone Spy Software: Know and control Everything
  • Disposable & Untraceable Mobile Phones
  • Tracing Phone Numbers/License Plates
  • Hoax Caller ID Generator
  • Blocked Caller ID Tracer
  • Advanced Spy Equipment
  • Handy Locksmith tricks
Detective and Spy Tactics

Combined, these publications will enable you to successfully plan-out and perform effective, significant, meaningful pay back. This information is a very potent weapon. It’s a fact: The system will only help you so much. If you’ve been screwed-over and you really want to do something about it, now is your chance to make things right.

What Others Are Saying About Pay Back Is Hell

"...I got your Pay Back Is Hell, and paid for all of the extra reports last year. I wrote you back then and told you how much fun my friends and I where having our senior year in college. We were pranking everyone that needed it before we graduated. (No Regrets!) Fast forward to now and I have a landlord-from-hell situation. Everyone in the building had trouble with this guy. After a couple of pranks involving the dirt I got on this guy’s past, this guy is a GHOAST. No Problems for any of us anymore. The detective tips worked like a charm!” W. Yates, Columbus, OH

“...First let me say I was surprised at the quality and the amount of material I received. Other downloaded programs and products I have purchased always seemed a little “light” for the money I spent, but not Pay Back. I had been researching revenge pranks on the web to help me deal with both a rotten neighbor and a jerk at my office. Well I am happy to say the rotten neighbor is in the process of moving out, and I now totally OWN that jerk at my work.” Charles G. Las Vegas, NV

“...I purchased Pay Back Is Hell just because I enjoy a good joke more than most. I have to tell you it can also come in very handy. I get a lot of mileage out of all the gags and jokes. A bout two months ago a new neighbor moved in with his dogs that got loose and they barked constantly. (I have two dogs myself, so I was cool at first.) After weeks of suffering, and useless calls to authorities, I had to get some “PAY BACK”! I won't tell you what I methods I used, but the problem stopped-cold in about three days.” Mike H. Austin, TX

“...After a nasty divorce and terrible fight over child custody, I found you while searching for ways to deal with my “ex”. I wanted some subtle revenge type pranks to get even with my ex and help me feel a little better. They worked just great, but the detective and spy information helped more than anything. I was able to get the information I needed to prove I was paying more the double the support I really ought to. I was able to prove the lies to both attorneys so that it never even had to go to court! Of course I will still prank the hell out of them.” Chris W. Naples, FL

“...I work in an office dominated by women. I am a woman and even I can see why men complain about all the drama and back stabbing women can be guilty of. My boyfriend got sick of all my complaining and gave me Pay Back Is Hell as a gift. I did not think I would actually use it, to be honest. Once I found a few possible solutions for dealing with the “ringleaders” of the office-witches, I had to try something. I used some of the detective and spy methods to get the 411 on the “Evil Ones. I started slow at first, and then I intensified the situation. I totally used your advice to remain unknown. After about three weeks (of me laughing), they turned on each other. One quit, the other got fired for just cause. I enjoy going to work again!” Lyn W St. Louis, MO

“...I have always been known as a Prankster among our friends. Life is short, have fun while you are here! I really love all the funny illustrations you used. My 16 year son and I have been getting people for fall for these gags for months now, and we are just getting started. We just invite over friends to watch the game or swim, and just wait for them to get nailed." Marcus D. Buffalo, NY

With the right tips and tools provided, all of these methods are actually super-easy to do! Anyone can effectively use 100% of the ideas and methods in these reports to get fast and easy results. Now that you know I can show you how to pull the best pranks and get away with it. I also combined all of these great stand-alone products together in one super cheap package deal at almost half-price, so…

…Why wait another day?

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You just can't lose with my 60-day money back guarantee. Please enjoy Pay Back Is Hell and all of the Pay Back Is Hell Special Reports. See for yourself how quickly and easily you can plan and pull-off cleaver, funny, killer gags and revenge pranks. If in the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied that I gave you all the information, direction, and handy tips I promised, and also saved you a lot time and money, simply email me for a complete refund of your investment. It's that simple!

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Have fun with Pay back is Hell